Bloggers Block: WTF now???

honeybadger1x-largeI confess I have neglected you. For nigh on three months I have starved my page thereby breaking perhaps the most fundamental of blogging rules – consistency.

I couldn’t keep away from you forever though. My curiosity and, I’ll be honest, guilt (I am Catholic after all) has brought me back to the blogosphere and I am facing the problem I imagine MANY people who attempt to keep up a blog face.

What do you do when you get bloggers block? I’m sure this is familiar to many: as each week passes the sense of guilt and sham as a digital savvy grows.  What to write about? Even the blogs you planned seem distasteful once you get out of the routine.

But it is time to take this blog by its proverbial digital horns. If you get stuck in a rut, like I did, you need to take the plunge and GET BACK INTO IT. Get back in the saddle, pull yourself by your bootstraps (and any further pull-yourself-together cliches that fit) and just get going.

Gain momentum and confidence once again. And then begin resetting your plan.

As I intend to do!

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One Response to Bloggers Block: WTF now???

  1. Hmmmm I haven’t really experienced that. But I am sure a break might have been a good idea. 🙂

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